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Project Summary

Project title: Toward a local based labour market policy approach in cross-border rural regions

ID number: HUSRB/1203/213/131

Lead Beneficiary: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (HAS/RCERS)

Project Partner: Agency for Balanced Regional Development of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina


The LOLAMAR project aims to develop a local based labour market policy approach which can set the path for a more sustainable development in peripheral cross-border areas. In Eastern-Europe these regions are characterized by large number of people who are excluded from the labour market. This problem is usually treated in the social sector and nobody looks upon this group as internal resource for local based regional development. However the capacity of these people could be the basis of the local economic growth and social sustainability. The main goals are to identify types of exclusions, to explore the special potential of this group and the possibilities of reintegration, to create a cadastre of conflicts of the labour market and to work out strategic proposals for the possible reintegration methods and practices. The LOLAMAR project intends to explore the characteristics and recent activity of these people and their relationship to environmental resources with geographical, statistical and sociological methods. The best local practices of their inclusion will be also revealed. The study area is in the cross-border region of “Bácska” or “Baĉka” (Baja, Bácsalmás, Jánoshalma microregions in Hungary and West Baĉka in Serbia.) Although this region has favourable natural resources (soil, climate, etc.) the local economy is underdeveloped and the employment rate is low. Based on the results of the empirical research and in cooperation with the representatives of local communities, institutions, NGO’s cross-border region-specific recommendations will be worked out in a form of a handbook for local decision makers. The scientific results will be discussed in an international conference and published in a study book.

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