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Summary of the Project Workshop - Jánoshalma

Lolamar project workshop summary

IPA LOLAMAR HUSRB/1203/213/131


23th January 2014

Imre Zoltán Community Centre, 3 Kossuth road, Jánoshalma, Hungary

Aims of the workshop, summary:

The workshop of the Hungarian-Serbian IPA project LOLAMAR – Toward a Local Based Labour Market Policy Approach in Cross-border Rural Regionswasorganised by the Institute for Regional Studies CERS HAS, with the contribution of the Agency for Balanced Regional Development of AP Vojvodina on 23th January, 2014 in Jánoshalma. The aims of the workshop were to present the current results of the research project and to discuss and finalize the handbook prepared for the local experts and prominent persons.

            After the presentation of the main results of the empirical research conducted in the cross-border study area, the project partners described the content of the handbook. The participants confirmed the observed problems of the local labour market, and agreed upon the need for immediate governmental and local intervention. The participants were optimistic about the extending possibilities of future cross-border cooperation. Since the negotiations between the EU and Serbia have started, the function of the border is expected to change gradually. This might have a positive impact on the local labour market, and both countries should be prepared to profit from the changing situation.

            The participants suggested that training programs, different work programmes and providing information for the economically inactive people should get more attention in the future. Everybody agreed upon that the revival of agriculture and manufacturing, strengthening the local communities and in some settlements, the utilisation of the local resources (tourism, alternative agriculture) are the key factors of job creation.

            The participants supported the presented version of the handbook and its contents.Some chapters of the handbook – presentation of the best practices, overview of the area-specific problems of the study area and suggested solutions – might draw the decision makers’ attention to the necessity of municipal and governmental intervention, and the benefits of cross-border cooperation in labour market issues. The participants added that this way, the project can indirectly contribute to the development of the study region.


Kecskemét, 23th January 2014

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