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LOLAMAR Handbook

A handbook is one of the results of the project: Toward a local based labour market policy approach in cross-border rural regions – LOLAMAR. The handbook includes a description of the research project area, the main findings of the survey carried out within the project, examples of good practice and conclusions/recommendations to decision makers. This document adds value to the subject matter dealt with by the LOLAMAR project, considering the fact that it contains a chapter focused on recommendations for overcoming the problems that have been defined and identified on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the labor market. The recommendations are based on the results of the research conducted in the framework of the project, including local decision-makers and persons/institutions dealing with issues and problems of the labor market. Therefore, their importance is great, since input is directly obtained from persons who have the practice and experience of working with vulnerable groups in the market. In addition to the recommendations, the handbook contains examples of good practice that have been selected in order to show how the countries within the LOLAMAR project and at the European level, have faced the problems that are the subject of analysis and research of the LOLAMAR project.

The handbook is available in Serbian and Hungarian.

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